How travel will look in the internet of the future

With Metaverse and decentralized internet tech, travel companies will be able to offer more personalized and immersive experiences to customers

Jun 23, 2023

The future internet will provide us the opportunity to travel in a whole new way, whether that's through fully-immersive virtual travel experiences or by supplementing our real-world travel experiences with cutting-edge technologies.

Key takeaways

  • Virtual reality (VR) allows us to explore new places without leaving our homes, offices, or classrooms - "try before we buy" and see if you want to visit destinations before committing to buying tickets, hotels, and excursions;
  • Future Internet technologies will also continue to improve and enhance our real-world travel experiences, like Disney parks incorporating virtual-world simulators into their venues, using projected images;
  • Web3 technologies like blockchain will also make their way into the travel industry, including blockchain-based booking platforms.

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