Increasing relevance and profitability in the hotel lobby market

That snack void is being filled by retail lobby markets that offer popular products that sell quickly and drive revenue for hotels

Mar 29, 2023

Food-and-beverage programs overall are becoming more centered around these busy guests, with less emphasis on the full-service restaurants and more on giving them healthier, easier to consume options in outlets, especially food and beverage in the lobby stores.

Key takeaways

  • With Gen Y and Gen Z now representing more than half of hotel guests, their lifestyle choices drive their hotel selections and are changing the way that spaces in the hotel are being used;
  • These guests do not want hotel staff to bother them with questions, they expect that through technology the staff can get all the answers they need about the guests’ preferences and requirements;
  • Properly managed, a hotel retail market can be a profitable source of incremental revenue, but because of the lack of resources and “retail” experience within the hotel staff, it may be valuable to bring in an experienced retail management company.

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