Leisure travelers becoming more price sensitive

As hotels increased their rates, they increased the expectations guests have for their stays

Aug 22, 2023

During the "Leisure's Longevity" session at the 2023 Hotel Data Conference, hoteliers and travel experts spoke about the dynamic leisure demand segment, what these guests are looking for and where they want to go.

Key takeaways

  • The consumer is looking for different ways to travel, and it's really evidenced by the way all-inclusive and the cruises almost doubled their demand;
  • Hotel brands have much more capacity for personalization than they ever had before. They can let pet lovers and solo travelers know what their hotels can offer each of them. Understanding a guest’s personal situation can win loyalty;
  • COVID-19 changed the game for good, and there won’t be a complete retraction to how things were in 2019. It’s about finding opportunities in these new trends now.

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