Luxury hotels are adding more and more guest experiences

From cooking with a Michelin-star chef to taking a chauffeured shopping spree in Singapore, hotels and resorts are offering ever-more-lavish activities for guests

May 14, 2024

Now that amenities like infinity pools and fancy spas (rebranded as wellness centers) are practically de rigueur in upscale lodging, many properties are trying to differentiate themselves with activities that are increasingly customized and braggadocious.

Key takeaways

  • This is all part of the trend hotels have been seeing for some time, especially since the pandemic, where everyone wants what they want, and they want it all hyper-customized to their interests and needs;
  • Activities and experiences have long been part of luxury hotel offerings. But many of today's offerings come with extra cachet. Even all-inclusive resorts, with their many set activities, are striving to develop special offerings.
  • Personalized experiences are something Annabel Rayer, global communications director for IHG brands, sees as non-negotiable. "It's not just about having a Michelin-starred meal," she said. Our guests want to meet the chef and understand what's going on.

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