Make showcasing your hotel's environmental impact a priority

Sustainability will remain a key part of how the hospitality sector functions, both with regards to internal operations and external brand perception

Jun 1, 2023

One such way hoteliers are working to ensure that their properties are viewed as sustainable by guests is through the adoption of accreditation schemes. There are several different programs open to hotels that showcase the degree to which they prioritize ESG, primarily in their commitments to the environmental field.

Key takeaways

  • Many of the world’s leading travel platforms such as Google and TripAdvisor have rolled out their own accreditation schemes;
  • has four layers of green accreditation which can be attained by compliant hotels;
  • March 2023 monthly data indicates that hotels with one of the four available accreditations perform better across average daily rates and revenue per available room than those that do not.

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