Marriott makes events more neuro-inclusive for attendees

Large-scale events will now have accessibility measures like quiet rooms and real-time captioning to accommodate attendees in the neurodivergent community

Dec 11, 2023

Marriott International said last week it is partnering with The Neu Project, from Google’s Experience Institute, to make its large-scale events and meetings consisting of more than 250 people more accessible to neurodiverse attendees.

Key takeaways

The hotel and lodging brand will provide dedicated quiet rooms to give attendees a break from sensory overwhelm and recover from fatigue, and make real-time closed captioning available for its main stage presentations at all of its larger events around the globe;

While quiet rooms and other neuro-inclusive practices have begun to spread in the conference and events sectors, Marriott claims it’s the first in the hospitality industry to focus on making its events more neuro-inclusive.

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