Modernizing corporate travel

Business travel isn't what it used to be - but it's an invaluable part of many companies' growth and success

May 29, 2024

Corporate travel is evolving with new policies that emphasize employee wellness, modern technology and sustainability. Travel management companies (TMCs) and online booking tools are ideally positioned to revolutionize corporate travel, providing the seamless experiences that both employees want and companies need.

Key takeaways

  • Employees are demanding more flexibility, transparency and green options, coupled with updated travel policies and technology tools that create a seamless experience;
  • Corporate travel policies are shifting to a more holistic approach, prioritizing individual well-being and offering options that enhance personal comfort, convenience and leisure time;
  • Employees are becoming more involved as consumers in the planning, booking and management of their travel. They now want the same level of control over their business travel arrangements as they have over their personal travel.

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