More hotels plug into profit potential with EV chargers

Guests willing to pay more now to charge cars, but soon may expect it to be a free amenity

Nov 8, 2023

With the number of EV and plug-in hybrids is growing, more guests will be figuring out where they stay based on whether their hotel has, or is close to, an EV charging station. While having EV chargers won’t be the be-all, end-all answer to attracting guests, it will matter when comparing hotels that have them to those that don’t.

Key takeaways

  • Having an EV charging station will still make a hotel stand out, at least for now;
  • At some point when the number of electric vehicles increases further, there may come a time when hotels with charging stations need to set up an EV reservation management system to make sure guests who need the stations can access them;
  • Though not applicable to every hotel situation, the Grand Hyatt Vail’s valet service has solved the problem. When guests park their EVs through the valet, the valets charge the EVs for the guests. Once an EV is fully charged, the valets move the vehicle to another parking spot, freeing up the charging station for another EV.

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