Olympics triples hotel prices in Paris

According to Google, travelers visiting Paris during the Olympics can expect to pay an average of $685 per night for a three-star hotel

Oct 11, 2023

Over 11 million visitors are expected to arrive in the French capital during the Olympics. Of these visitors, 3.3 million will travel from outside the Paris metropolitan area or from other countries and will require a place to stay.

Key takeaways

  • The average cost for a four-star hotel room during the Olympics is about $953, a 258 percent increase from the usual rate of $266;
  • Five-star establishments are experiencing relatively lower hotel price increases, with rates of US$1,607 per night, compared to US$625 for a typical stay in July, which is a 157% rise;
  • In anticipation of the Olympics, some hotels choose not to list all available rooms in the hopes of receiving a higher price.

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