Paris hotels triple prices for Olympics opening night

Rates are now more than 1,000 euros on average for the opening night of the 2024 Olympic games, according to a new study

Jan 4, 2024

A late-December poll of 80 three- and four-star hotels showed that on the night of July 26, the day of the Olympics' opening ceremony on the banks of the Seine river, a double room will cost 1,033 euros on average, compared to 317 euros two weeks earlier on the night of July 12.

Key takeaways

  • 50% of these hotels reported being already fully booked that night, while 30% required a minimum booking of at least two nights and some as many as five nights;
  • The average required minimum stay was 3.4 days, for an average cost of 867 euros per night;
  • Paris's tourism office expects some 16 million people to visit the wider Paris region for the Olympics and Paralympics, putting pressure on every level of the housing and hotel market.

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