Regenerative hospitality yields unforgettable experiences

What characteristics make a brand truly regenerative? A designer and strategist weighs in

Sep 22, 2023

While the mainstream hospitality sector deliberates the advantages of implementing paper straws and towel reuse, in the serene enclaves of Bali, Rajasthan, and Utah, a distinct approach to sustainable travel is taking shape.

Key takeaways

  • Regenerative hospitality places utmost importance on the preservation and active revitalization of the local culture, community, and environment. In doing so, it goes beyond many ongoing discussions about sustainability, which often revolve around achieving difficult-to-quantify global initiatives.
  • Instead, it strives to make a concrete impact by integrating the social, economic, and environmental needs of the region into the hotel's brand identity, design, and business model.
  • Regenerative hospitality stands at the crossroads of several prominent industry trends, including mindful travel, community-driven tourism, nature-based tourism, and the quest for authentic local experiences.

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