Robust hotel pricing trends amidst shifting global dynamics

OTA Insight released its mid-year report on the state of global hotel pricing, showing a notable rebound in ADR for the global hotel industry

Jul 12, 2023

OTA Insight today released its mid-year report on the state of global hotel pricing. The report provides a comprehensive overview of global hotel room rates in H1 2023, revealing industry trends and setting the stage for the remainder of the year.

Key takeaways

  • While room prices in North America remain above pre-pandemic levels, the region shows signs of slowing growth, potentially due to rapidly increasing interest rates and declining real incomes;
  • Short-term rentals in Europe have seen high demand, recording a consistent 2%+ month-on-month growth rate in 2023;
  • Asia has recovered strongly with advertised prices 19% higher in H2 2023 compared to H2 2022.

Get the full report at OTA Insight

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