Rome’s five-star hotel boom

High-end tourism is back in Italian capital but there are concerns over how ‘incredible rebirth’ is being managed

Feb 20, 2024

According to a report from Luxury Travel Intelligence, in 2023, the Italian capital ranked second only to London in attracting the world's top luxury hotels. Last June, a Bulgari hotel celebrated its grand opening with a star-studded event, with 13 more luxury hotels slated to debut by 2026. Among these, a Four Seasons hotel, partially owned by Bill Gates, will occupy a Renaissance-era building near the Vatican, while the Robert De Niro-backed Nobu Hotel Roma will grace Via Veneto.

Key takeaways

Rome saw a surge in luxury hotel interest reminiscent of the city's heyday during the dolce vita era of the 1960s and 70s, particularly with the emergence of properties along Via Veneto;

2023 marked a record-breaking year for tourism in Rome, surpassing visitor numbers from 2019, signaling a remarkable period of revitalization for the city, especially in the realm of high-end tourism;

The influx of luxury accommodations has sparked criticism from owners of small and medium-sized hotels, who argue that international investors are receiving preferential treatment, including expedited permit approvals.

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