Consumer and regulatory concern around corporate greenwashing

American Airlines under pressure for it's net-zero promise to lack commitment

Mar 28, 2023

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor found American Airlines' strategies to be of "very low integrity," saying the airline's net-zero promise lacks a commitment to reduce its own emissions, and that its offsetting program "has the potential to mislead customers."

Key takeaways

  • As the UN urges humanity to slash carbon pollution by nearly two-thirds by 2035, many corporations have responded by releasing pledges that appear to significantly reduce their contributions to global warming;
  • But without a standardized means of evaluating those pledges, environmental advocates say it is impossible to discern whether a corporation is making a sincere effort to cut carbon emissions;
  • States like California and others consider things that they can be doing outside of the legislative process to prompt businesses to disclose emissions.

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