Sustainability marketing just got tricky, and better

The demand for sustainability and purpose marketing will only grow as eco-anxious Gen Z and Alpha generations grow

Feb 12, 2024

The hard truth is that business greenwashes – intentionally or otherwise – because green sells. Right at the moment when more consumers than ever want to know you’re taking issues like climate, plastic and pollution seriously. It’s time to make marketing that matters.

Key takeaways

  • The best prevention of greenwash isn’t just knowing rules: it’s about shifting your approach to making claims in the first place. A claims mindset places your feet on the road to greenwash;
  • Stop asking your consumers to applaud what you’re doing. Stop heroing your brand, and start heroing the people who matter: your consumer;
  • The very best sustainability marketing isn’t about you, it’s about the impact your consumer is making. She’s the hero. Make your sustainability marketing about what really matters: making sustainable choices accessible and exciting for everyone, everywhere.

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