The challenges affecting hospitality today

Rates are not what they were a few years ago. Inflation has taken its toll. The ability to get money is strained

Jul 7, 2023

Two panels at HD Expo + Conference 2023 highlighted the challenges affecting hospitality today. From money constraints to slowing supply growth and high interest rates, no topic was off limits.

Key takeaways

  • Prioritize ROI: It’s important to have critical conversations with the team early on about where to spend money and how to make money;
  • Development has slowed, but continues: Private equity historically has been the biggest buyer of hospitality, but those firms are leveraged buyers; they need financing;
  • Durability and adaptability are key: The challenge today is longevity and durability, as part of it is capital intensive and need to pay off over time;
  • Collaboration breeds success: While the industry bounces back, it’s now facing other issues, including getting projects over the finish line.

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