The dangers to travel from inaction

New signs of trouble loom ahead for the travel industry as global climate change begins to show its teeth, and travel disruptions are here to stay

Sep 5, 2023

As another summer of climate calamities unfolds, The Travel Foundation, an international sustainable tourism organization, hopes more people draw a personal connection with the consequences of a warming planet, and galvanize the level of coordination necessary to keep the travel industry growing - while helping to save the planet.

Key takeaways

  • Baby steps won’t get travel to carbon neutrality, and waiting for some technological breakthrough to solve the problem wont work;
  • Climate equity in travel is just one reason why he believes it’s better for the industry to be proactive rather than wait and respond to market or government forces;
  • People are always going to travel, but it's going to have to change. And so it's up to the industry, to either facilitate that change or bury its head in the sand and let it happen.

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