The end of travel as we know it?

A new report has found “travel as we know it could be on the brink of extinction” because of the climate crisis

Oct 4, 2023

A Sustainable Future for Travel has painted a picture of a “dystopian future” where only virtual vacations exist and individual movement is restricted by carbon passports. Written in partnership with foresight agency The Future Laboratory, it predicts what the world of travel could look like by 2040 if climate action is not taken now.

Key takeaways

  • Destinations such as Belgium, Slovenia and Poland look set to become popular holiday destinations as Majorca and Greece become “too hot to handle” and travelers “chase the shade” amid climate change;
  • Experts suggest individuals should currently limit their carbon emissions to 2.3 tons each year – however, the average carbon footprint in the UK is currently 11.7 tons;
  • A new era is dawning for the travel and tourism industry. Transient and transformative travel experiences will revolutionize the notion of leaving no trace, according to The Future Laboratory.

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