The future of sustainable tourism might be rural

Sustainable tourism is becoming not only a much-needed trend within the global travel and tourism industry, but also a necessity

Jun 19, 2023

From hotels taking steps to measure and reduce their energy, waste and plastics consumption to tour operators becoming certified B corporations, there’s no shortage of opportunities the industry is taking to become better for everyone.

Key takeaways

  • Rural tourism activities take place in non-urban settings with the following characteristics: low population density, landscapes and land use planning where agriculture and forestry prevail, and social structures and traditional ways of life;
  • Rural tourism can help support rural communities in a few ways, but especially so by encouraging community-based tourism and creating economic opportunities in areas that currently experience “employment droughts;”
  • More tourism means more job opportunities for both men and women and, on the local scale, to create community-based tourism initiatives that ensure they retain the power and agency over the industry.

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