The psychology of color in hotel spaces

The psychology of color significantly impacts how guests perceive the world of hotel design

Oct 19, 2023

Hotels are immersive settings with the ability to elicit emotions, create moods, and leave long-lasting imprints. They are more than just sleeping accommodations. Hoteliers and interior designers must master both the art and science of comprehending the significant effect that color has on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within these places.

Key takeaways

  • Each color choice made for a hotel environment has a specific function, from the cosy embrace of earthy tones to the energizing allure of brilliant colors;
  • Each color, when skillfully blended, can evoke strong feelings, create moods, and leave an enduring impression;
  • These colors have the power to change hotel areas into intriguing settings, from the tranquillity of blue and green to the luxury of black and gold.

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