The role of data in driving personalized wellness in hotels

Wellness has become a massive umbrella term and - with people now more aware of their health and well-being - it has become a driver for what we’re doing as a sector

Jun 19, 2024

As our ability to collect personal health data grows, we can now track activity, sleep and diet, leading to a greater focus on preventative health care. This data is essential to personalizing our well-being and, if shared, could allow hotels to customize our stays.

Key takeaways

  • Imagine wearing a sleep tracker and sharing that information with hotels to receive customized room setup and turndown services. Since sleep is central to a hotel's offering, personalizing it for each guest makes sense;
  • The real opportunity lies in providing your preferences before you arrive at the hotel. It's not just about booking a spa appointment; it's about what else the hotel can offer in the area or bring in for you;
  • Based on your loyalty level, you should be able to share your wellness preferences and data so the hotel can tailor food, beverage and excursions to your interests and enhance your stay or overall hotel experience.

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