The TikTok effect in tourism

The social network can make a place fashionable quickly, which can cause saturation problems in sites that are not prepared for large crowds

Nov 24, 2023

Until just a few years ago, Albania used to be an exclusive tourist destination. This summer, however, the endless search for hidden, inexpensive spots brought an avalanche of visitors to its crystal clear beaches. The place even became a source of controversy after a series of influencers criticized the country’s quality as a vacation destination. Their complaint? That the place was not as idyllic as they had seen on TikTok.

Key takeaways

Some attributes that differentiate TikTok from other social networks are its virality and its type of users, making the amount of people who travel to a destination not easy to estimate;

Unlike other social networks, TikTok promotes the videos that generate many interactions quickly; this can lead to the sudden popularity of a destination and cause saturation problems in places intended for much smaller crowds;

Although tourism is usually seen as an engine of economic prosperity, these sudden growth comes with downsides, like an increase in traffic, crowds and pollution.

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