The world’s most eco-conscious airlines

New and proposed government regulation is trying to sculpt the industry’s transition, particularly in Europe

Jun 19, 2023

Today, it’s not yet realistic to fly fully sustainably. Yet that doesn’t mean the airline industry isn’t showing growing self-awareness around its environmental impacts and the increasingly urgent calls for transformation in the face of an intensifying climate crisis.

Key takeaways

  • Airlines are banking big on a patchwork of greener alternative fuel sources to slash carbon emissions from future flights, including next-generation technologies like electric, hybrid, and, further out, hydrogen;
  • Offering more immediate adoptability is low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel, or SAF, a biofuel alternative made from waste products and renewable biomass that can cut emissions by as much as 80%;
  • Ultimately, environmentalists advise that aviation’s decarbonization overhaul is in its infancy, and that for the time being, eco-conscious travelers need to choose to fly less and consider alternative, more climate-friendly means of transportation and travel.

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