There's no such thing as a "green" vacation

You'll leave a carbon footprint, no matter what. But your trip can be green-ish. Here's how to spot the biggest offenders

Mar 18, 2024

Despite claims from the travel industry, profits consistently outweigh environmental concerns. Travelers profess to care about the environment but often choose budget accommodations, leading to a facade of interest in eco-friendly vacations, with the travel industry playing along.

Key takeaways

  • Certain companies emphasize eco-friendly initiatives that are disconnected from their primary environmental impacts. For instance, an airline may highlight a minor recycling program while neglecting to address its significant carbon emissions;
  • Greenwashing companies tend to concentrate on singular initiatives, overlooking the broader context. For instance, a hotel may boast about eliminating single-use plastics without considering other opportunities for creating a genuinely sustainable environment, such as supporting the local community;
  • Hotels that label themselves as "green" or even "ecolodges" warrant extra scrutiny, as vague and unverifiable assertions may indicate potential issues.

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