Tourists go home!

Many popular destinations in Europe are swapping their ‘come-to-us’ tourism campaigns for ‘please-don’t’ anti-tourism strategies

Aug 7, 2023

Although it hasn’t reached the level of an official issue for the European Union government, the debate around how to handle tourist overflows has started. Tremendous numbers of tourists - once the golden goose for these hot spots - are precisely the cause of the current backlash.

Key takeaways

  • Overtourism is already so acute that popular destinations are now doing the unthinkable, and actively trying to dissuade or block arrivals;
  • The World Tourism Organization predicts that by the end of this decade, the flow of international tourists will surpass an astounding two billion;
  • Local and national governments have been under pressure to find solutions to the mass tourism boom and some have set recent restrictions in place.

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