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How Puerto Rico became the first Caribbean destination to focus on its culture to promote tourism

May 10, 2023

The country's "Live Boricua" marketing campaign, which has yielded record-breaking outcomes and earned the company a spot on Fast Company's 2023 list of the world's Most Innovative Companies.

Key takeaways

  • Rather than emphasizing the beaches, Discover Puerto Rico sought to reshape the perception of travel to the country and become a leader in the discussion surrounding immersive travel in the new era;
  • Their research revealed that tourists were seeking more meaningful connections during their vacations, prompting the country to shift its focus to the island's people and culture, which are integral to its distinct identity;
  • To ensure the effectiveness of their strategy, the marketing team also incorporated feedback obtained from locals during focus group sessions;
  • The results of the campaign have been remarkable, with it reaching 36 million households within six months and increasing awareness of Puerto Rico as a travel destination from 33% to 44%.

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