‘Unpredictability in the system,’ and other travel lessons from the Summer of ’23

Climate change upheavals brought on a season of extremes for travelers. One thing is clear: Travel is changing

Oct 3, 2023

It was a summer of extremes, and a summer of lessons for the travelers and locals who encountered them. Looking ahead, here are some lessons from the climate change upheavals of the past few months. One thing is clear: Unpredictability is the new normal.

Key takeaways

At outdoor sites, visitors can expect to find shelters, beverage stations and misting zones;

Along with planning activities for cooler times of the day, avoiding peak summer travel is another timing shift that’s coming. Some tour companies are already emphasizing cooler months;

Climate change will also bring major disruptions to air travel in the form of more frequent storms, floods and other events, as delays and disruptions caused by weather conditions account for 75% of air traffic delays;

Cooler areas, including northern Europe, could see a significant rise as travelers look to avoid encounters with intense heat.

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