US hotel demand from international markets still lags

International travel finally is playing a significant role in global hotel industry recovery, yet with some mixed effects

Jun 14, 2023

Whether they’re considering trends in international demand for U.S. travel, effects of U.S. travelers heading out of the country on vacation or shifting patterns of where and how people are traveling around the world, CEOs speaking at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference said the long-term effects of international travel are just now unfolding.

Key takeaways

  • Business travel in Europe is tracking ahead of 2019 levels, and it’s the only region that’s tracking ahead in business-transient travel;
  • While analysts are predicting a record summer of leisure travel demand for Europe this year, the effects of foreign travelers vacationing in the U.S. this summer are a mixed;
  • Markets like Miami and New York that are reliant on foreign inbound travel recover a lot faster, US West Coast destinations are lagging.

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