US: Summer hotel demand trends

Hoteliers in the U.S. are preparing for another summer of softer leisure demand, at least relative to recent years, raising the question, “where is the demand?"

Apr 12, 2024

Leisure demand kept hotels afloat through the pandemic and recovery until group and corporate travel could return. Over the last two summers, leisure travelers showed they’ve booked their revenge travel, at least on land in the U.S., and they headed out of the country. The summer of 2024 is shaping up to look pretty similar.

Key takeaways

  • There’s been a pullback in demand from Florida and the general panhandle area going into southern Alabama after that region was hugely popular in recent years;
  • In Atlanta, concerts are returning, so the market is seeing more demand on weekends when there are shows;
  • Urban locations generally are popular again, similar to last year. People are returning to these destinations to visit museums and other downtown attractions.

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