What guests really want isn't in their rooms

Why do hotels have so many amenities guests don't need – and why do they lack the amenities they want?

Nov 28, 2023

Many hotels already give their guests what they want: a comfortable bed, a quiet room and a shower with good water pressure. But there's more.

Key takeaways

  • Time and again, hotel guests say they'd like a fast and reliable wireless connection – anything above 100 mbps will do. And they want it included in the price of their room, not as an extra charge;
  • Guests want more plugs, not a single outlet hidden behind a sofa. They want multiple power outlets next to their desk and dressers so they can recharge their phones, laptops and cameras;
  • But more than anything else, hotels can add one thing to make their guests happy: They can quote an all-in price for their rooms that includes all mandatory fees and taxes.

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