10 ways to boost hotel income in 2024

Given the challenging conditions hotels are facing in 2024, it's crucial to carefully select the most effective strategies to drive revenue and support your business

Feb 9, 2024

For hotels, it's more important than ever to offer experiences that meet guests' evolving expectations. Achieve exceptional client experiences by enhancing your customer journey, actively pursue and promote sustainability initiatives, deliver seamless customer experiences, and consider expanding your venue's customer base with hosted events.

Key takeaways

  • Enhance the guest experience with customization: The guest experience begins well before check-in. Review every touch point in your customer journey, from booking to check-out, and ensure you deliver exceptional customer service at every stage. Make your booking process memorable with personalized service offerings, from room to balcony view recommendations;
  • Incorporate sustainability into concierge services: Increasingly, guests expect hotels to champion sustainability. Consider offering guests eco-friendly amenities and create a positive difference for your guests, business, and planet. Advertising your hotel's sustainability policies can be a great way to attract the more eco-conscious traveler. However, be aware that consumers are increasingly wary of greenwashing;
  • Unlock seamless customer experiences with technology: Technological innovations can enhance your hotel's customer experience and deliver savings over time. Introducing contactless check-in, mobile room keys, and transforming rooms with IoT devices can reduce friction points in the customer journey while providing guests with more personalization options for their rooms.

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