A new hotel trend that puts you to sleep

Hotels and wellness resorts are launching “sleep tourism” programs that go beyond plush bedding and blackout curtains

Sep 5, 2023

Globally, more people searched about sleep this year than ever before, according to data released by Google Trends last week. People are turning to the internet to learn about bedtime routines, sleep positions and to understand - “Why am I so tired all the time?” - a question which peaked in June, according to Google.

Key takeaways

  • For those who need to switch off completely, London’s two Zedwell hotels have minimalist rooms that are free of “distractions” — such as televisions, telephones and even windows;
  • For restless sleepers in the Big Apple, New York’s Park Hyatt refreshed its three “Sleep Suites” with the latest version of Bryte’s “Balance” smart beds, that plays sounds and uses subtle motion to lull guests to sleep;
  • Partnering with sleep specialist and hypnotherapist Malminder Gill, The Cadogan has a “Sleep Concierge” service that comes with a meditation, pillow menu, weighted blanket, bedtime tea blend and scented pillow mist.

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