A week with Apple's Vision Pro

What the Vision Pro could contribute to the world of marketing and commercial creativity

Feb 12, 2024

After testing it for a week, VML’s director of experience design, Luke Hurd, takes us inside his experience and initial thoughts of the new Apple Vision Pro.

Key takeaways

  • With Apple focusing so heavily on the user experience of everyday tasks, the Vision Pro is more like a functional laptop than a gaming headset: a really big shift;
  • It’s responsive, easy and, most importantly, a native interaction design for anyone who has used a touch-screen device;
  • All of these integrations and the focus on ease of use mean that marketers will have a much easier path to connect storytelling – which is already happening in AR and VR – with purchasing, delivery and product demonstrations;
  • But it’s not all roses. The device is heavy and the weight distribution is not ideal for long periods of use. The passthrough – while the best in the industry – is still a video feed and users will find that their bright rooms look a little dimmer than in reality and the saturation isn’t exact.

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