As revenge travel wanes, how can hotels avoid a bust?

Travel suppliers can continue to attract customers by weathering the shifting landscape of today's travel industry

Jun 30, 2023

A recent report by Bankrate in the US showed that affordability is cutting into traveller choice and more recently southern European sun-and-sea destinations have reported a slowing in bookings that wasn’t quite anticipated this early in the season.

Key takeaways

  • Whilst the leisure travel boom might be fading out, agents and other types of B2B sellers still have a positive future: the appetite for travel is still there, just people’s needs and budgets are changing;
  • Loyalty and discounts have become key elements in enticing cash-strapped travelers to book their next trip;
  • Focusing on room rates only is too short-sighted - get travelers to book travel at a lower price point, but then maximizing profitability by cross-selling other services.

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