Black Friday travel trends

Black Friday has become a global shopping extravaganza, with Cyber Monday extending the shopping fest into the online realm, also for the travel industry

Nov 22, 2023

Airlines, hotel chains and theme parks have embraced these sales opportunities, unveiling substantial discounts to bump up bookings. This period has become a golden opportunity to ride the online shopping wave, catalyzing a surge in bookings and sales.

Key takeaways

  • Black Friday is synonymous with jaw-dropping deals. Yours must not just be me too - they must lead it. Go bold, go wild with your discounts, and make them so good they’re irresistible;
  • Knowing who to target is half the battle. Elevate the stakes for your top-performing affiliates with even sweeter deals to drive their promotional efforts;
  • Discounts work wonders, but unique offerings can work even better. Think bundled deals or adding experiences to purchases that elevate the perceived value.

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