calms hotels over delayed payments

The technical glitch that affected payments to hotel partners has been resolved, and the OTA is working to process remaining transactions

Sep 7, 2023

A spokesperson from in Singapore empathizes with the frustration experienced by accommodation hosts and property owners who were adversely affected by this ongoing technical problem. They can confirm that the system errors responsible for the payment disruptions have been rectified, and the majority of its partners' transactions have already been processed.

Key takeaways

  • This situation had sparked global discontent among hosts and owners due to the abrupt halt in their weekly payouts. Upon checking's Partner Hub, it was evident that some hosts and owners had voiced concerns about missing payments for bookings made in June and July.
  • A host/owner on's Partner Hub expressed their dissatisfaction, stating, "The delay in payouts is absolutely unacceptable. Numerous phone calls and messages have gone unanswered. It's unfortunate that this maintenance on the finance department coincided with the busiest month of July."
  • In the Asian region, an article dated September 5 on Thaiger reported that, for some individuals, payment interruptions had been ongoing since as far back as April or even earlier. Thaiger is a highly regarded English news and lifestyle platform in Thailand, a pivotal market for and the home base of its sister OTA, Agoda.

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