on helping independent hotels in APAC

The key takeaways from a study by EY-Parthenon covering Australia, Japan and South Korea

Mar 31, 2023

A 2021 study by EY Parthenon, in cooperation with, analyses these challenges - looking back at pre-pandemic travel - to see how Asia-Pacific’s small and medium-sized accommodations are fairing in a competitive global marketplace, as well as how online travel platforms (OTAs) such as helps SME accommodations.

Key takeaways

  • OTAs established international user bases give smaller local accommodations global online visibility, without the need of significant upfront investment in marketing campaigns;
  • The customer-facing infrastructure - such as automatic translation and 24-hour customer service - offered by online platforms also means that travelers can be sure they will be supported throughout their booking journey and beyond;
  • The international reach of online platforms means that many accommodation providers will see a rise in incremental bookings, but many will also notice a boost in direct bookings.

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