Booking vs. Google in Travel AI

Google plans to focus on travel advertising and will not venture into bookings, where Booking holds a natural edge

Dec 7, 2023

Booking CFO David Goulden was asked Wednesday at an investor conference about the risk that Google could eventually release a “next-gen travel assistant.” Would travelers use that first before Booking’s own tools?

Key takeaways

  • Goulden is confident Google will monetize search for major clients like Booking, emphasizing their evolving collaboration as Booking introduces travel assistant tools.
  • Goulden advocated for Booking's inherent strengths, stating, "We believe that by integrating our travel assistant with our proprietary data and granting access to public data, we can create a truly distinctive travel offering;"
  • Another point favoring Booking is that over half of its website traffic originates directly on its own websites and apps, without relying on paid ads from Google.

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