Deloitte's hospitality guest of the future

The future guest belongs to more specific segments, prompting businesses to tailor their offerings to meet their unique needs, desires, and priorities

Mar 20, 2024

The hospitality industry is constantly trying to keep up with ever changing consumer demands. Some of the key factors driving the change include generational shifts, technology developments, increased ESG compliance requirements, more demand for personalized experiences and finally the blurring of lines between business and leisure travel.

Key takeaways

  • Business travel is evolving, with a focus on cost-cutting and increased interest in hosting events;
  • The luxury sector is growing rapidly; however, the experience is not always seamless, leading to an increased interest in all-inclusive super luxury holiday offerings;
  • Investing in technology to offer personalized experiences can boost guest satisfaction. However, it is essential to have a clear guest interaction strategy that balances profitability across all touchpoints;
  • Creating agile strategies that cater to future travelers and adapt to new market trends is crucial for the industry;
  • The use of AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in the hotel industry, with the potential to improve guest experiences and streamline operations. It is important to ensure that while adapting to technological advancements, the fundamental needs of the industry and its guests are not compromised.

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