Design Hotels partners with Weeva for sustainability management

The digital sustainability management solution partners with Design Hotels to assist independent hotels in implementing data-led sustainability initiatives

Feb 29, 2024

Through Weeva’s platform, hotels can efficiently manage sustainability efforts, track environmental and social impact, and improve operational efficiency. The collaboration includes workshops and roundtables to foster sustainable practices within the industry.

Key takeaways

  • Weeva’s innovative, integrated platform enables hotels to manage their sustainability in one digital system. By tracking, informing decisions and reporting on their commercial viability and environmental and social impact, these businesses can experience the myriad of benefits that come with running a sustainable operation;
  • Designed by sustainable tourism experts, Weeva champions continuous improvement actions, backed by consistent data management, to boost efficiency, reduce wastage and, ultimately, support profitability and business resilience within the industry;
  • Weeva’s reporting tools can generate tailored Impact Reports for hotels to share with their guests, tour operators and other suppliers. Reports show metrics such as the carbon footprint per bed night or an overall view of a property’s impact.

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