Digital travel marketing 2024

With a shift in focus and new tools at our fingertips, 2024 promises to be an exciting year in digital travel marketing

Jan 17, 2024

2023 was full of optimism and obstacles. As we emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, we faced new challenges like inflation and global conflict. This year, we’ll need to rethink our strategies - and our tech stacks - to keep up with what customers want.

Key takeaways

  • Personalization gets personal - and permissioned: While consumers want personalization, they also want privacy. Cookies are going away and we’re moving into a permission-based world where consumers can opt in or out at all times;
  • Sustainability is no longer a trend: Slow travel emphasizes connecting to local people and culture while preserving local communities and the environment;
  • Experiences matter more than mass consumption: Unlike prior generations, Millennials and Gen Z are more focused on experiences than things. Why? They’re facing high debt and interest rates, putting things like home ownership out of reach.

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