Ensure voice remains a distribution channel at your hotel

Despite the decrease in voice reservations, hotels across various sectors and segments still have significant opportunities to capitalize on

Mar 21, 2024

Certainly, resorts, boutique hotels, independents, and non-traditional lodging companies hold the most significant revenue-generating opportunities. Hotels offering diverse accommodations often receive numerous calls from individuals facing "choice overload" and "fear of missing out."

Key takeaways

  • The decision to call rather than book online is influenced more by the travel circumstances than the traveler's birth year. Even Gen Z and millennial travelers resort to calling when they have specific needs, requests, or are emotionally invested in their travel plans;
  • Contrary to popular belief, online reservations don't simply appear magically. There's an intricate relationship between voice and online channels;
  • Additionally, another reason for missed voice bookings is the deliberate hiding or inconspicuous display of reservation phone numbers by many web developers, particularly on mobile websites.

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