Expedia and Booking rigorously stress-testing AI

While ardently optimistic about the promise of generative AI, they caution that the burgeoning technology demands further fine-tuning

Aug 14, 2023

During their Q2 earnings calls, Booking's Glenn Fogel and Expedia's Peter Kern delved into the realm of generative AI. Both companies have harnessed the technology through customer-oriented chatbots. And while the potential is undeniable, both CEOs expressed a tempered yet hopeful outlook.

Key takeaways

  • Expedia's chatbot has garnered favor among certain clientele while leaving others indifferent. As of now, its impact on conversion rates remains minor. Nonetheless, The company remains bullish on its potential as the technology undergoes further evolution;
  • While these cutting-edge advancements have ignited excitement at Booking, it's important to acknowledge that we're still in the nascent stages and there is ongoing exploration into how customers will ultimately embrace this emerging technology, the company says.
  • Booking Holdings has held a longstanding vision of a seamlessly interconnected travel experience where customers wield the power to book and fine-tune their entire journey within a singular hub. Central to this transformative venture is AI, as the company is of the conviction that generative AI might well play a pivotal part in this narrative, particularly catering to travelers seeking guidance and insights once they've reached their destination.

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