Expedia appeals to travelers' emotional

The OTA promotes unique journeys that deviate from traditional trips, inspiring travelers to break free from the monotony of traditional travel

Jan 17, 2024

Expedia Japan has launched a new campaign called ‘Two Step’ to address common travel planning challenges. The campaign is directed by Japanese-born American filmmaker Hiro Murai and features a narrative that resonates with the everyday traveler. The post-pandemic travel landscape has greatly changed, with travelers seeking greater authenticity, adventure, and cultural immersion. The 30-second TVC does exactly that—it promotes unique journeys that deviate from traditional trips.

Key takeaways

  • The company is switching up its strategy and aims to be more than just a travel booking platform and wants to be a companion that supports travelers in getting more out of their trips;
  • The brand positioning includes new packages that bundle flights with accommodations and activities with upfront total pricing, or an updated virtual agent that will help travelers, for instance, with health and hygiene information about hotels;
  • The campaign is part of Expedia’s brand pivot, which includes the tagline “It matters who you travel with.”

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