Expedia CEO calls out rival Agoda

OTAs aren’t supposed to undercut the rates posted on official hotel websites - but Agoda does it everyday with the help of non-public rates provided by hotels

May 31, 2023

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern recently called out rival Booking Holdings' Agoda at Expedia’s partner conference in Seattle as “one of the worst when it comes to this sort of rate abuse.”

Key takeaways

  • You see it everyday on hotel price comparison platforms such as Google: There’s the hotel’s official price on its website, and in swoops Agoda with $20 or $30 lower rate;
  • Yet, Agoda takes a hotel's discounted non-public rate - provide for vacation packages or business travel - and makes it available to the public, labeled "Cheapest Price You've Seen;"
  • Many hotels don’t realize how their rates are being mishandled by Agoda, although the company is know to insiders for its difficult relationship with hoteliers.

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