Expedia first OTA to offer attribute-based hotel shopping

ABS unbundles attributes that make up a hotel rate plan, increasing price transparency while helping travelers easily compare their options to build their ideal stay

Apr 17, 2023

Expedia Group has pioneered a new technology to convert hotel rate plans into an ABS experience for the traveller and early results show a vastly improved traveler experience, increased revenue for hotels at no additional cost, and an innovative new shopping model for the entire hotel industry.

Key takeaways

With ABS, Expedia Group takes the existing rate plans provided by hotels and unbundles them to create à la carte options – making it easier for travelers to compare the cost of the room along with extras they can add to their reservation;

Combined with Expedia Group’s machine-learning room recommendations, ABS has driven a 4.1% shift to more premium rooms and rates;

Early indications have also shown increases in conversion when the ABS layout is shown to the traveller, and we’ve only just begun to take advantage of this new capability.

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