Expedia pulls hotel content from Hopper

The company is pulling its hotel and vacation rental supply from Hopper, charging the rival OTA with taking advantage of consumers

Jul 13, 2023

With a statement attributed to a company spokesperson, Expedia launched the first salvo: “Expedia Group terminated its supply relationship with Hopper today. The reasons for termination are simple: as Hopper's product has evolved, we have determined that its features exploit consumer anxiety and confuse customers, leading them to purchase services they neither need nor fully understand. As leaders in powering the B2B travel market, we have a commitment to travelers and to our supply partners that we take very seriously and, as such, we are ceasing placing our trusted supplier content on the Hopper platform.”

Hopper fired back with its own statement, also attributed to a company spokesperson. “Expedia notified us today that they will no longer distribute their inventory via Hopper channels. Given Hopper’s rapid growth in direct-to-consumer market share, the success of Hopper’s fintech products, and Hopper’s growing B2B business, Expedia clearly views Hopper as a significant competitive threat.

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