Expedia took its concerns to Google

The company told Google that the bait and switch tactics that some OTAs deploy in Google Hotels is “screwed up” and Google made some satisfactory changes

May 17, 2023

That’s according to Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern, who discussed the issue with Skift last week, and mentioned it at the company’s partner conference in Seattle, as well.

Key takeaways

  • As a big customer - Expedia spends billions of dollars every year advertising its listings on Google - Expedia went to Google with the request to make its marketplace fair and take out those players that are misleading customers;
  • Google used its own tech to make improvements, and according to Expedia did a fairly good job;
  • Yet, Skift didn’t have to look a long time to find an example of misleading pricing practices.

Get the full story at Yahoo! Finance (Skift)

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