Expedia’s priority is to grow organically, says new CEO

Ariane Gorin's primary focus is to drive Expedia's growth, leveraging the investments made in recent years to accelerate progress

May 15, 2024

Ariane Gorin began her role as CEO of Expedia Group on Monday, relocating to Seattle after living in London and Paris for the past 23 years. She believes her global experience will be beneficial as Expedia Group, historically focused on the U.S., looks to expand internationally, particularly in regions such as Scandinavia and Japan. In 2023, the company will generate 63% of its revenue from sales within the U.S.

Key takeaways

  • Gorin said she will be spending a chunk of her time on expanding the company internationally for the sake of partners and customers, but the growth may be more tactical than in the past;
  • In the first quarter, Expedia Group’s B2B business, where it powers travel programs for loyalty programs, banks, retail outfits and other travel agencies, generated nearly 29% of revenue;
  • The company is bullish on Vrbo due to its great brand, positioning, and supply. It is focused on persistently improving, although its rebound post-tech migration has been slower than expected.

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