Five ways traveler expectations have evolved

New Amadeus research uncovers what’s topping traveler wish lists now and how the industry can adapt

Sep 19, 2023

With travel rebounding, it's a great time to assess how the industry and our travel attitudes have shifted. Recognize that travelers' priorities today may differ significantly from three years ago due to the pandemic's impact on the world.

Key takeaways

  • Personalization - Travelers want their trips to reflect more of their individual interests and preferences;
  • Sustainability - Travelers are increasingly concerned about their environmental impact and are taking necessary steps where possible to reduce their carbon footprint;
  • Digital experiences - Technology has become an integral part of our daily routines since the pandemic, allowing us to work remotely, stream content, video chat and enjoy other conveniences;
  • Peace of mind - Trips can still come with unexpected hiccups, and travelers want to make sure they are protected with clear, concise policies.

Download the full report at Amadeus Hospitality

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